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Wrapping Machines

Wet Tissue Wrapping Machines wrap a flexible packaging material, (e.g. paper, aluminium, plastic film), around a product or group of products.

Other common descriptions of this style of packaging are Flow-wrapping, Overwrapping and Horizontal Form Fill Seal (see form fill seal pages).

There are many distinct styles of wrapping and these are described in the sub-pages below. A major application is in the field of shrink wrapping where heat is applied by various means to a thermoplastic material already loosely wrapped around the product or group of products, which then shrinks around them to form a tight wrap. This method is often used for transit wrapping and protective packaging of larger item such as doors or even bricks on a pallet.

Because wrapping is so versatile it is used in many sectors, however, it is most common in food, bakery and confectionery for single items which can range from confectionery (count line), bars and cakes through to cheese and sausages.

There are so many applications of this packaging technique for single items it would be difficult to exclude any particularly for some products in daily use items, DIY or toiletries and cosmetics. Some techniques are used in very particular product areas e.g. skin packaging for DIY products and high quality fold wrapping for cosmetics, CDs or cigarettes.

Many single item wrapping machines can handle products at very high speeds, particularly in the confectionery sector.

When wrapping is used for larger items or units or for grouping single products in multipacks for point of sale, or in larger numbers for transportation, then speeds tend to be slower. However some applications in the beverage sector can achieve reasonable speeds to match demand from the speed of other machines in the line.

Machines have been specifically designed to wrap very large items and pallets (see Palletising) for both protection and security reasons. These have found many applications in the building and beverage industries, but can be used in many other sectors.

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