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    July 18, 2022
    Why You Need A Food & Beverage Automation Consultant

In general, the Australian food & beverage industry has a common challenge. It is to maintain the quality of their products throughout their shelf life. The necessity for an effective and efficient packaging line is paramount in ensuring this happens Whether it’s an industrial sealing machine or any other food packaging automation equipment, a solution is required to ensure quality & safety standards are met.

With products being consumed by millions of people on a daily basis it’s important that the contents of the food & beverage packaging does not get compromised at any point between the production line and when they reach the consumer.

The right packaging equipment needs to be chosen to suit the market and the product in question. In some cases the shelf life of the products may run into many years and the packaging equipment has to be designed to meet this requirement.

Packaging lines come in all shapes and sizes. Automation machines and sealing machines can vary in length from a few metres to over 100 metres. The number of packaging presses can range from a few dozen to several thousand. The packaging machinery can be powered by electricity, hydraulics, steam or compressed air. These lines can be very complex and it is essential that they are designed and installed by highly trained and experienced technicians.

The food production industry is very niche and as a result the experts involved have to have vast experience in this environment. As there are strict regulations in place which govern the equipment used, you need a consultant who is an expert with years of experience in the field to help you find the best solution to:

  • Save on production costs
  • Ensure you adhere to appropriate Food & Beverage industry guidelines in Australia
  • For existing Food & Beverage companies, looking at your processes with fresh eyes to help ensure improve efficiency.
  • Save on manual labour time and cost, improve productivity on average by around 22%
  • Scale the food packaging process via the appropriate machinery
  • Ensure minimal errors in the food & beverage packaging processFacilitate the machine purchases
  • Facilitate the finance or grants required for the automation machine purchase

Talk to us at JS Automation, with over 20 years experience, we will be the helping hand for the food packaging automation process with you & we will guide & train you through the process whether you are a new start up or very established business needing to understand if you have the right practices & machinery in place.

Learn from JS Automation how you can improve your productivity & costs and improve the scalability & value of your food & beverage production. Please Request A Quote Or call us in Sydney or Melbourne on +61 447 676 121.


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