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    August 24, 2022
    Heat Sealing Machine: Uses and Advantages

The food and beverage industry has evolved over the years, and so has the way the food is packed. The growing demand for takeaway and premade food, hygiene, and quick delivery needs has resulted in industrial automation in the food and beverage industry. That’s where industrial heat sealing machines step in. 

Automation in the food & beverage industry has boosted the sector by improving and maintaining quality standards, cutting costs, enhancing food safety, and monitoring operations. The use of automated equipment like industrial heat sealing machines has made it easier to achieve those standards that were difficult to meet with human labour. 

We can now depend on such automated equipment to perform dangerous, repetitive, and menial tasks. Industrial heat sealing machines that seal pre-made, processed, and ready-to-eat food products are available in the market in different varieties. They come in different designs, sizes, features, and prices. You can purchase sealing machines online from several dealers but always ensure that it matches your needs. 

Benefits of using a heat sealing machine

There are numerous advantages of using a heat sealing machine. These are:

  • They can be used to seal a variety of materials such as paper, metal, and even plastic. 
  • Heat sealing machines have varied applications, from commercial restaurants to cloud kitchens and manufacturing facilities.
  • Heat sealing machines are simple and easy to use. 
  • They help preserve the perishable items, prolonging their shelf life.

There are many kinds of industrial heat sealing machines: for example there are constant heat sealing machines, pulse sealing machines, and belt sealing machines. The type of sealing machine you need would depend on the type of product and packing and its volume. 

Tips on using industrial sealing machines:

  • Always follow the instructions given with the Heat sealer carefully before you start using it. 
  • Before sealing the final product, ensure that you test the sealant on scrap
  • Avoid uneven heating in portable heat sealing machines by keeping them balanced. 
  • Be careful when handling and managing the heat seal as it can be extremely hot. 

Final Takeaway

Ever since the food & beverage industry has introduced automated technology like heat sealing machines into their day-to-day operations, it has been able to reduce human effort, time, and cost, while improving efficiency and reducing the scope of errors. 

To really understand how dealing machines machines can help prolong the life of food as well as offer consistency in quality AND a huge saving in labour costs, it’s always best to speak to an automation consultant who can help you plan, build, test & roll out the correct machines for your individual business needs.

An automation consultant like Jim from JS Automation has years of knowledge & experience in the field & will help any business in the food industry to save money, time & staff costs with the right advice. 

Also he can help with finance & grants that you may be entitled to.
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