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    July 26, 2022
    Food Automation Companies & Why An Automation Consultant is Essential

The food & beverage industry, like any industry, is vigorously trying to contain costs or reduce expenses in their food filling, packaging & sealing process. However, they cannot compromise on their food quality to cut costs. Instead, more and more food & beverage companies are adopting more sophisticated factory automation in their warehouses in order to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

Rising Importance of Food Automation Companies

Modern food warehouses are characterised by a high degree of automation, either in their food processing or packaging department. The packaging and processing in today’s food plants are totally different than in yesteryears. The efficiency bar has been raised many notches with automation replacing humans. There is no option but to evolve processes & systems to meet consumer demand. This has manifested in automation in the food and beverage industry on a large scale, consequently increasing the importance of food automation companies & automation consultants, they analyse the set up and process and find ways they can improve efficiency and/or reduce staff time so substantially that they’ll pay for themselves in spades.

Variety in Food Automation Machines

In today’s times, you will find a wide array of automation equipment in food processing and packaging warehouses. There are industrial food sealing machines, liquid filling machines, wrapping equipment, mixers and blending machines and so much more more. Automation has become highly essential in the food & beverage industry for meeting the necessary quality control levels, addressing current Australian shortages in labour, enhancing production speed, and overall profitability.

Change in Nature of Work of Human Labour

Food automation companies will hopefully come out with newer automated equipment that is sensor enabled and help meet the rising challenges of the food and beverage industry. However, human intervention will always be needed; it cannot be totally substituted though there will be a change in the nature of work. Instead of sitting by the side of a conveyor belt, workers will now sit in front of monitors in the control room, keeping an eye on equipment efficiency, speed, and quality control. Skills of workers will improve for the better, keeping abreast of technological upgradation.

All said and done, irrespective of the type of food industry, automation in the food and beverage industry is here to stay, and the need for food automation companies will always be on the rise because the real experts like JS Automation will be able to give you many years of experience to make the right recommendation. Additionally, JS Automation can help facilitate the financial grants or finance loans to get the ball rolling quickly.
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