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  • The mechanism of the automatic bottle sealing machine.
    May 16, 2022
    Why choose a Sealing Machine for your food or beverage business?

Sealing machines are used to seal containers with liquids, granules, powders, and sprays for consumer, bulk, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supply shipments. Sealing Machinery is also often used in providing storage security against tampering for products that require specific conditions for ideal performance or storage life. The technology in a sealing machine can be simple (a heat sealer) or complex (an integrated system complete with conveyor). Understanding the processes and materials that will be used in the sealing operation is a great place to start your search for sealing and Automation machines.

Reasons why to choose a sealing machine for your food & beverage business 

1) Simple operation: All sealing machines use heat and pressure to bond thermoplastic films to the edges of containers. The simplicity of this operation, as opposed to other alternatives, provides a variety of benefits for end use markets.

2) High-speed operation: The packaging operation is fast, which can have a direct impact on the end customer. Packaging machinery can process materials at rates approaching 300 parts-per-minute (PPM) in some cases, which opens new doors for production rates, further reducing costs and increasing throughput for end customers.

3) Environmentally friendly: The packaging process requires only heat, pressure, and film to cut and seal. There are no solvents or inks that can run and ruin other goods in the container, nor is there any odour or noise pollution.

4) Strong and secure: The seal is strong and secure, often holding up for long periods of time without risk of tampering or breaking.

5) Variety of materials: Films, materials, and adhesives are readily available and can be used for a wide variety of specialised packaging applications.

6) Brand security: The seal is tamper evident, which provides consumers with confidence that their products are protected against counterfeiting.

7) Packaging flexibility: There are a wide variety of container shapes and sizes, allowing for maximum packaging flexibility.

8) Integrated conveyor: Some sealing machines feature an integrated conveyor, which allows for easy and seamless processing of containers. 

9) Easy maintenance: The sealing process is simple and requires only film, heat, and pressure, which reduces maintenance costs.

10) Easy changeover: The seal quality is not affected very drastically by temperature changes, allowing for easy changeover for speedier and more efficient operations.

Conclusion : Sealing machinery is a fast, flexible, and versatile packaging solution that meets a variety of needs and applications. Sealing machines can process a vast array of container shapes and sizes, and also provide a high level of brand security. Unlike some other packaging solutions, a sealing machine has a minimal impact on the environment, requires little maintenance, and has few changeover requirements.

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